Asian Studies

The Asian Studies major combines a broad interdisciplinary grounding in the languages, cultures and societies of East Asia with a more in-depth focus on a particular issue or disciplinary research method in the areas of art history, history, literature, politics, sociology, or religion.

With faculty from seven departments across the campus and courses from even more majors, Asian Studies provides an interdisciplinary and transnational approach to studying the societies and cultures of China, Japan and Korea—and the region as a whole. The study of an Asian language is foundational to the major.

Situated on the Pacific Rim in a city with a large Asian population, Oxy is the perfect place to study Asia and its interaction with the world. With programs in China (including Beijing, Kunming, Hong Kong, Nanjing and Shanghai) and Japan (including Tokyo and Nagoya), you are strongly encouraged to study abroad. We also offer a faculty-led course that takes you to Asia for three weeks as part of a regular semester course. You might pursue summer research opportunities, both on campus and abroad. Or you may do field work in an Asian community in Los Angeles. Multiple Oxy alumni have been awarded Luce or Fulbright Scholarships for travel and study in Asia after graduation.

Having knowledge of East Asia positions you to better understand today’s world and its complex economic, political, social and environmental challenges. Graduates will be prepared for careers in teaching, linguistics, law, history, international development, foreign service, journalism, translation and international business.

Note the College also offers Chinese Studies and Japanese Studies majors, which are intended for students primarily interested in language and literature, and much of the coursework is done in Chinese or Japanese.

Meet Our Faculty

What Our Graduates Are Doing

J.D. candidate, University of Michigan Law School

Dayna Chikamoto

Master's program in East Asian Studies, Yale University

Anne Ewbank

JET Program; Translator for Gengo.com

Kevin Furlanetto

Master's program in Asian Studies, Georgetown University

Brian Bumpas

Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, L.A.

Kisa Ito
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