Getting into college can seem overwhelming,听especially for parents. We鈥檙e here to reassure you.

You've been a huge part of your child's journey and supportive in countless ways. While it's ultimately up to your child to take ownership of the college process, getting into and affording college may bring up questions for the whole family.

Learn more about our application process and financial aid to begin answering those questions. You can also听see what programs and resources are available to the听parents and family members of current Oxy students.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out鈥攁dmission and financial aid officers are always happy to chat with parents and families. Prospective families are also invited to watch our virtual panel,听"新澳彩开奖: An Introduction for the Parents & Families of Prospective Students,"听led by our Senior Associate Dean of Admission & Director of Volunteer Relations and Campus Visit Experiences, Courtney Stricklin Burgan '03! See below.

Ask an Oxy Parent

The college search process is not just about choosing a place to study,听it's about the relationships that your student will build during their four years on campus. Oxy prides itself on its dynamic, engaged听and passionate community, and we鈥檙e excited to听introduce you to some of our most engaged parent volunteers.

Each of the parents below has made themselves available to connect with prospective family members and candidly answer any questions you might have about the Oxy experience. They鈥檝e been in your position before and are ready to be a resource for you as you support your own student now.听They鈥檙e looking forward to hearing from you, so don鈥檛 hesitate to reach out by email.

Stanley Fam
Nick & Heather Stanley

Parents of:听Max Stanley '25
Student Majors: Diplomacy & World Affairs and Economics
Hometown: Savannah, GA
Contact Heather

Max has loved every aspect of Oxy Life!听 He has developed wonderful, life-long relationships with friends from around the country both through campus life and playing for the Oxy Men鈥檚 Soccer team.听 Playing for Oxy is like having another family away from home and has truly enhanced his experience at Oxy.听 Max thoroughly enjoys his majors and close relationship with his professors and Oxy staff, who even take the time to watch his games.听 One of the reasons Max chose Oxy was due to its prestigious, academic reputation and as a duel major, he has found it both fulfilling and challenging. Additionally, living in LA has enriched his experience with opportunities for surfing, adventure, culture and future careers.听 新澳彩开奖 is the whole package. Go Tigers!

Stephanie Steinhaus

Parent of:听Mia Steinhaus-Shinkman '23
Student Major:听Economics & Computer Science
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact Stephanie

新澳彩开奖 is nimble, warm, rigorous, diverse, creative and transparent. The Yiddish word haimish comes to mind, meaning essentially "something that offers a warm and cozy feeling." Add to that the ways in which Oxy builds the best of Los Angeles into their curriculum, and you have a gem hiding in plain sight. My family's affection for Oxy grows with each interaction. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Oxy parent and sibling flank graduating Oxy student wearing graduation cap, with Gilman Fountain in background
Christine Morgan Seeley '92

Parent of: Madeleine Seeley 鈥21 & Gabrielle Seeley 鈥24
Student Majors: Madeleine,听Psychology major, Sociology minor. Gabrielle, Cognitive Science听
Hometown: Bellevue, WA
Contact Christine

My daughters both chose Oxy for the small class sizes, accessibility of professors and the welcoming campus community. They love the benefits of a small school with the many opportunities that the vibrant, diverse city of Los Angeles offers.

Larranaga Ask an Oxy Parent
Juan Fidel Larra帽aga '95

Parent of: Joaqu铆n Larra帽aga '23 & Liliana Larra帽aga听'26听
Student Majors: Computer Science and pre-med
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Contact Juan

I support OCLAA (新澳彩开奖 Latino/Latina Alumni Association). During my time as听an Oxy student, joining Oxy MEChA was a natural choice and it provided me with a sense of comfort and belonging. Having MEChA and friends from Oxy Abroad while I studied in M茅xico provided me with a natural network of friends. I fondly remember living on campus and making new, lasting friendships.听 I worked at the old Cooler and the library.听 I also participated in rugby.听 My major was Math.听

Grey Staples '86

Parent听of: Emmy Staples '22
Student Major: Psychology
Hometown: Mendota Heights, MN
Contact Grey

As a parent, we have truly enjoyed how Oxy and the Oxy community have enriched Emmy鈥檚 life. The close relationships with other students, staff, and professors the school fosters have nurtured her development and helped orient her to life after Oxy. That Oxy is an enclave, nestled within the larger LA environment, has only added to the available experiences and opportunities. Oxy was a great choice.

Sarah Streitz

Parent of: Neython Lec Streitz听'23
Student Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Bloomington, MN
Contact Sarah

Neython loves the diversity of the campus, the small class sizes (all of his classes have been smaller than his high school classes), and especially playing on the Oxy Men's Soccer team. He often shares what he is learning or poses a thought provoking question that makes me feel as though I am also an Oxy student.

Anzalone Family Pic
Peter & Jill Anzalone

Parents of: Matthew Anzalone '22, Leila Anzalone '24, and Mia Anzalone '24
Student Major: Matthew, Economics major, Japanese minor. Leila and Mia, Undeclared.
Hometown:听Kailua, Hawaii
Contact Peter听
Contact Jill听

Having three kids at Oxy at the same time, we feel like we've gotten to know the school well over the last few years.听 Our son, Matthew '22, just graduated in May.听He was offered a job with Cambridge Associates in San Francisco during the fall before he graduated, and we feel a lot has to do with his experiences at Oxy - from the academic curricula, playing on the men's soccer team, being involved with the Hawaii Club听and especially the close relationships he formed with peers and professors at the school.听All of these experiences resulted in tremendous growth over his 4 years at Oxy.听Our daughters, Leila and Mia '24, are studying abroad in Rome this semester.听The Oxy International Programs Office has been so organized, and their transition to their study abroad program has been smooth and worry free, from academics, housing听and even internships while in Rome (Mia is at an art gallery/museum, and Leila is at an international law firm).听 Last year was their first year on campus because of Covid, and it was so easy for them to get involved and active in campus life, with Leila working at the Writing Center and Mia at the newspaper.听We've been so happy to be an Oxy family!

per茅z family pic
Paula Ramey-P茅rez听

Parent of: Isabel C Perez '23
Student Major: Biology, Spanish minor
Hometown: Austin, TX
Contact Paula听

I am a happy Oxy parent because Isabel found the perfect academic fit for her undergraduate education. Oxy provides a well-rounded learning experience in a dynamic environment that is diverse, supportive, and collaborative. Isabel had the honor of working in a BSL2 pathogenesis lab studying Group A. Strep for two years and talks passionately about the experience strengthening her critical thinking abilities, problem solving skills, and newfound interest in cellular biology. More importantly, it has solidified Isabel鈥檚 passion for STEM, and I have watched her self-confidence bloom. Her experience in the lab was so positive and influential, that she is currently pursuing a career in research rather than her freshman year plan of becoming a doctor. Isabel is currently taking a gap year, before pursuing jobs in local research labs with the intention of striving for a Masters or PHD. I am grateful Isabel has had access at the undergraduate level for one-of-a-kind research opportunities and amazing professors.听

astrachan fam
Meghan & Isaac-Daniel Astrachan

Parents of: Aidhan Farley Astrachan听'25
Student major:听Theatre
Hometown:听New York City
Contact听Meghan & Isaac-Daniel

Aidhan is enjoying his time at Oxy, in and out of the classroom. He has made a great group of friends that we also enjoy hanging out with. Happy child = happy parents.

Emory Oeding

Parent of:听Sam Oeding '23
Student Major:听Economics
Hometown:听Portland, OR
Contact Emory听

Oxy has an amazingly warm and welcoming vibe, students are known and supported both in and out of the classroom, and the faculty are passionate, thoughtful and caring. Sam loves it!

Maureen McHale听听

Parent of:听Wallace 鈥淭J鈥 Hastings
Student major: Undeclared
Hometown: Pacific Palisades, CA
Contact Maureen

My son has had a great first semester at Oxy. I genuinely think a small liberal arts college has so many benefits, and I believe that Oxy is a treasure here in LA. I say this as a UCLA alum and USC employee and as a parent whose child originally thought he wanted a big school but by the end of the search eventually realized that he preferred a smaller school. I鈥檓 so glad I trusted the process and his final decision.

Oxy Families: Prospective Parent Panel

Current Oxy parents answer questions from prospective families about how their students are supported at Oxy and share ways that they engage with the Oxy community as family members of a Tiger.

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