You may have questions as you consider a change in your education plan. Here are answers to the ones most commonly asked.

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What classes should I take to be a competitive applicant?

We encourage students to take classes that most closely align with Oxy's Core requirements. Students who will enroll at Oxy with junior standing (64 units of credit) should look at individual major requirements—especially foundational courses—for suggested course selection.

What is the maximum number of units I can transfer to Oxy?

Students can transfer a maximum of 64 semester units or 96 quarter units of credit. The Registrar's Office will issue a credit evaluation after a student has been admitted to the College.

Are there any majors that cannot be transferred into or are more particular about requirements?

We expect incoming juniors to arrive at Oxy having already completed classes in their intended major. Those students interested in Economics are expected to have completed coursework in calculus, microeconomics, and macroeconomics by the time of enrollment at Oxy. We encourage interested students to look at department homepages and the Oxy course catalog for detailed information about individual major requirements.Given the course sequencing and demands of the Music major, students interested in pursuing a Music major must complete 3 full years of coursework at °IJʿ.

What type of classes are and are not transferable to Oxy?

Oxy will award course credit to college level classes taken at an accredited college. Remedial level classes in math and English are not considered college level, and will therefore not be awarded course credit. Being awarded course credit may not always translate to credit towards an individual major or Core requirement. Our Registrar's Office and individual departments decide on a case-by-case basis whether a class will fulfill a specific major or Core requirement.

How many transfer students enroll at Oxy each year?

We typically enroll 5-10 transfers for spring admission and 30-40 transfers for fall admission. Transfers make up approximately 8% of the overall student enrollment.

Are transfer students eligible for financial aid and merit scholarships?

Yes. Transfer students are eligible for financial aid and merit scholarships. We meet 100% of demonstrated need. Submission of the FAFSA and CSS Profile are required to be considered for need-based aid. The deadlines vary depending on the application status.

When will students be notified of their admission decision?

Students applying for spring admission are notified in mid-December. Notification for students that have applied for fall admission begins in early May and continues through early June.

Do you accept non-traditional transfer students?

Yes. We welcome students with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Our academic requirement section provides detailed information about the eligibility for admission. Students who have not attended school in the last two years are encouraged to enroll in full-time classes before applying to °IJʿ. Please note that the College does not offer married student or family housing. Students who have preschool-aged children are also encouraged to look into options at our Child Development Center.

Oxy is a residential college that supports an integrated living and learning environment. The intellectual community of the institution extends to every residence hall on campus. To this end, we have adopted a policy requiring all students to live on campus for their first three years. Exceptions to this requirement are granted on a case-by-case basis. Transfer students may petition for a housing waiver by contacting Residential Education and Housing Services. Students with senior standing are exempt from the housing policy, and have the option of living on or off campus.

Are interviews required for transfer applicants?

No. Interviews are not required, but transferapplicants are encouraged to interview if they are interested in sharing their story or learning more about °IJʿ. Please review our interview tips and learn more about the opportunities to sign up for an interview.

Life at Oxy

Is there an orientation for incoming transfer students? Is it any different in the fall than in the spring?

Oxy offers both fall and spring orientations for incoming transfer students. During orientation students will meet with academic advisors, select classes, mingle with their fellow transfers, and attend sessions that are designed to familiarize them with the College, academic programs, and community. Oxy's orientation webpage provides detailed information about each program, and once you are admitted, additional information will be provided to you to ease your transition to °IJʿ.

Does Oxy participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program? How does it work?

In collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs, °IJʿ is able to assist veterans and their spouses/dependents through the Yellow Ribbon program, which assists students with tuition and fees. Information on eligibility and sample awards can be found on the Financial Aid website.

Can the housing requirement be waived?

Oxy is a residential college that supports an integrated living and learning environment. The intellectual community of the institution extends to every residence halls. Transfer students typically live on campus, but may request to live off-campus in their application for admission.(Please note we do not offer married student or family housing.) Most years, the College canprovide housingto a limitednumberof transfers. Veterans looking to live in Veteran Housing should contact the VeteransProgram for more information.

Can transfer students participate in study abroad?

Yes. Transfers are eligible to participate in one of Oxy's many study abroad programs. Students transferring to Oxy with sophomore standing have more opportunity to participate in study abroad than students transferring in with junior standing. Interested students should inquire with our International Programs Office for eligibility requirements.

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